New Business Start-Ups & Executive Management Consulting

Dewayne L. Cid, COO, Executive Business Consultant & Professional Development Coach

Dewayne L. Cid, graduated from Tennessee State University with a political Science degree. Dewayne through his military services in the US Air Force gained knowledge in logistics, management, and from there has built a powerhouse. Dewayne has provided executive business coaching to many entrepreneurs, manufacturing consulting, entrepreneurs, automotive and materials, supply chain management warehouse management companies. Dewayne has a passion and knowledge to go into companies with a keen eye and help them turn a profit. *Small to medium size businesses* 

Dewayne also is heads our Recruiting division. Dewayne helps other recruiters vet candidates for permanent job placements. Dewayne helps virtual recruiters and candidates find the ideal position to find purpose to their lives. We are always looking for Virtual Recruiters. One must possess a mind to undefended, building results, work hard and build their own business without limits. 

We welcome Dewayne as a business consultant and coach to Life of Living Abundandtly. Dewayne helps entrepreneurs reach their business goals to live a life abundantly. Dewayne is a native of Charleston, SC and values family ,and is married with three daughters.