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Business and Personal transformational coaching, Marriage & Family Planning

Types of Virtual Coaching Offered

Business & Executive Coaching


Are you and entrepreneur, business owner, or CEO of a company? If so, coaching is for you. If you are wanting to take your company to the next level or you may have a block, need a brain storming partner, or need to gain insight from a professional, then executive coaching is for you. This is for individuals who are also stuck between making a move in their career path. 

Individual Coaching ($350 per 50 min. session)

*Discounts are offered to students*

Financial Wealth & Motivational Coaching


What is your goal? We will discuss one on one  what your currently doing and how to make changes. Our goal is to help you get there! 

If your in need of a motivational coach for your financial wealth goals or personal goals, then schedule an appointment. 

Individual $150 (per 50 min session)

*Packages are offered*

Marriage & Family Coaching


Do you have a question about your marriage, children, family, career business partnerships or relationships? Coaching is available to help sort through any questions you may have to help better analyze your interpersonal relationships. 

Individual Coaching $150 (per 50 min. session)

Business Mastermind Coaching


“LOLA” & Serenity Counseling and Mediation Centet have a partnership to hold Mastermind Conferences twice a year. This is an opportunity for several like minded business individuals to share ideas and make real dreams happen. If your interested in joining a Conference or virtual mastermind group,  call today. 

Conference: $4,500

Virtual Group: $250 (per 50 min. session)

Individual Coaching $350 (per 50 min. session)

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Life & Mental Well-being Coaching


Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know. The cost of coaching for self care is $150 per 50 min. session

Lifestyle and Branding Coaching


Clients have questions, we have answers. Processing with one of our coaches what your dreams and visions are can being an important part of your business. Whether you have a lifestyle business or have concerns or questions about branding we are here to help. 

(...Social media, blogs, events)

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Marriage Coaching