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Welcome to Self Care Coaching

Introducing a new type of coaching. Coaching yourself to a better and happier you. We are professionals here to help you take care of yourself. By self care you will be able to reach a full life of abundance. 

Self Care Coaching

Eating Well


Finding a balanced life means having a balanced diet. We will evaluate with you your goals to reaching a healthier lifestyle.

Working out!


Eating right is half the battle. As women we sometimes are too busy taking care of everyone else and not taking care of ourselves. At LOLA we teach you to prioritize and take care of yourself in order to take care of others around you. 

Finding your Purpose


Have you been in a spiritual journey wondering what's your purpose? Are you in a place in life where it's important to begin to discover your calling and purpose in life. Only you know what this can be. We are here to walk through the journey with you. 

Nature and Outdoors


Learning to enjoy your environment is very important. This is where we discuss travel and outdoor living for a better life. Finding new things you never thought you'd enjoy. 

Becoming Confident in yourself


Self Confidence and Self Esteem is the number one dream killer. We will walk through stages to help improve your worth. 

Learning to be HAPPY!


What do you see for your life? How do you see your life and what do you see in your life?