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Christian L.Cid, CEO/President

Christian is Liife of living Abundantly's Founder and CEO. Christian is a Business and Personal Transformation Expert and Coach. Christian begin her career in marriage and family counseling after graduating from Trevecca Nazarene University with a masters in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2006. As a counselor she has helped many marriages overcome some of the biggest obstacles. Unfortunately not all couple decide to stay. Which lead to her training in intensive marriage coaching and family mediator in the state of TN. Christian is an approved Supreme Court, Rule 31 Mediator in TN and Charleston, SC (serving low country area). After this process if couples decide to divorce she will guide them through divorce mediation. Assets, property, parenting plans and alimony are handled in this process. Christian has been the Founder of Serenity Counseling and Mediation Center in Gallatin, TN. since 2006 and has plans to open another practice soon. In addition, Christian defines herself as a successful serial entrepreneur along with her husband. Her success in her current business ventures and her passion to help others  only comes from many of her own failures, but through much perseverance Christian's goal is to help others. 

Christian's interest in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has constructed her Conflict Resolution Department of Serenity and now Life of Living Abundantly has a virtual consulting team. LOLA & Company helps clients avoid costly court proceedings. These court appearances can also become very public. Lola and it's Company Associates are "fixers" crisis managers, we help with problems big or small. We do not work with any illegal actions or companies or persons who have broken the law. Lola is not a law firm, however the firm manages crisis, changes lives, we solve problems, save reputations and help individuals and business move forward with success. 

As a trained family mediator, Christian also will works with couples who are struggling in their marriage before filing for divorce or if divorce is even necessary. Christian ultimately believes and values the family unit and will try with any couple who feel like they have exhausted all measures. 

Christian is married and has three daughters and currently resides outside Nashville, TN. Christian has a passion for many areas described throughout this website. Christian wants to help women find their true purpose in life and begin the journey. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment with Christian for any of the following services we provide.  

Christian has a passion helping everyone especially women meeting their career and financial goals.

So if you are an entrepreneur, CEO, multi-level marketing professional and/or a mother with a vision and passion, Christian wants to work with you!  

You may reach Christian for counseling, coaching, mediation, conflict resolution training  or other services you may call our office or view our websites at: info@serenitycounselingtn.com or info@liveoflivingabundantly.com